Autorefractor Body for Samsung S4

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For mobile eye diagnostics or vision screenings, the NETRA auto-refractor measures sphere, cylinder, axis and pupillary distance through a series of game-like interactions in a virtual-reality environment. It is binocular, portable and entirely patient-driven. There is no need for chin rest or forehead supports. It is the only portable autorefractor with a built-in fogging procedure to control for accommodation. With a solid body of 19 scientific papers, NETRA's accuracy is similar to state-of-the-art auto-refractors (~0.35D). There is no need for specialized furniture, dilation or cycloplegia.

The package includes:
  • 1 Netra Body (Autorefractor)
  • 1 Custom EyeNetra Cover
  • 1 Extended Battery for Samsung S4 

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This Product is compatible with the following models of phones: 

  • Samsung GT-I9505G
  • Samsung GT-I9505
  • Samsung GT-I9500
  • Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
  • Samsung GT-I9515L
  • Samsung SCH-I545
  • Samsung SGH-M919N
  • Samsung SGH-M919