Lensometer Body for Samsung S4

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Samsung S4 is NOT Included. 

The handheld smartphone-based Netrometer captures the refraction of single vision and progressive lenses in seconds. With a precision of 0.08D, the Netrometer is just as accurate as top-tier lensmeters that cost up to $15,000. No alignment issues, no tilting, and mishandling inaccuracies. No need for specialized furniture and no need for training. Just install the app, connect into the device and take the measurements.

The package includes:
  • 1 Netrometer Body (Lensmeter/Focimeter)
  • 1 Custom EyeNetra Cover
  • 1 Extended Battery for Samsung S4 

You will also receive: 

Downloads & References: 

This Product is compatible with the following models of phones: 

  • Samsung GT-I9505G
  • Samsung GT-I9505
  • Samsung GT-I9500
  • Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
  • Samsung GT-I9515L
  • Samsung SCH-I545
  • Samsung SGH-M919N
  • Samsung SGH-M919

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