Smart Stage for the Netrometer

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Discontinued. More to come.

The Smart Stage is our newest addition to the Netrometer. It functions like a traditional lensometer stage, but works with you in a smarter way. 

Apply the Smart Stage to: 

  1. Obtain an accurate axial reading every time
  2. Measure the Pupillary Distance (PD) of the eyeglasses
  3. Improve support for flimsy or broken frames
  4. Increase stability for tricky progressive lenses, including rimless. 
The Smart Stage clips onto the eyeglasses and is placed inside the Netrometer. Our camera captures landmarks on the Smart Stage and automatically detects and compensates for misalignment of the frames to the device, while simultaneously calculating PD.

See it in Action!

Check out our Smartphone Lensometer

Portable Autolensometer

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The handheld smartphone-based Netrometer captures the refraction of single vision and progressive lenses in seconds. With precision of 0.08D, the Netrometer is just as accurate as top-tier lensmeters that cost up to $15,000. No alignment issues, no tilting and mishandling inaccuracies. No need for specialized furniture and no need for training. Just install the app, connect into the device and take the measurements.