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Running visual acuity tests has never been easier. Replacing the trial lens kit, the Netropter can be utilized for distance and reading tests as well as monocular and binocular readings. Extremely lightweight, it is designed to be held by the patient. The lenses are molded and polished with high-precision tools and offer a wide range of lens powers.

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Technical Specifications

Technology Trial Lens Stack (25 lenses per eye)
Measuring Wavelengths ~350nm to ~750nm (Broadband)
Sphere Range -10.75 to +5.00D, 0.25D increment
Cylindrical Range 0 to -6D, 0.25D increment
Axial Range 0 to 180, 1 degree increment
Pupillary Distance Range 52 to 72mm, 1mm increment
Visual Field ~20 Degrees (14mm aperture)
Acuity Measurements Binocular and Monocular
Vision Test Type Distance and Readers
Device Dimensions 5.0cm x 7cm x 10cm (550g)
External Processing Unit None
Setup Time 10 seconds
Coatings Anti-Scratch, Anti-Reflective (Optically Sealed)
Calibration Requirements None
Power Requirements None (Manual Setup of Lenses)
Specialized Furniture Requirements None (Handheld)
FDA Status Product Listed as Class 1 exempt
Clearance in Europe CE marked per applicable requirements of Europe's Medical Device Directives

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With over 250,000 connected eye exams in 110 countries, our devices are being used from the highest-end eye care provider in NYC to remote villages in the developing world. All seamlessly integrated with our Insight platform.

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Netropter, the handheld phoropter

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